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Shaft encoders, tachs, madness...

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Shaft encoders, tachs, madness...

Postby billydanger » Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:57 am

I have two motors with 0.5 inch shafts that I need to keep track of and compare during operation. Speed only, not angular position. What would be some likely culprits as far as abandoned equipment that I might be able to salvage something like a rotary encoder or tach?

Thanks in advance,
Billy Danger
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Re: Shaft encoders, tachs, madness...

Postby ramancini8 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:08 pm

Look at old printers which use shaft encoders to monitor print head position. You will need/want the associated circuitry.
Look at position control systems such as valve drivers, etc.
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